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PANEL LABELS Euro Plastic & Metal Labels


-With our computer-controlled pantograph machine systems, we make your engraving labels and writing works from double-color Euro ABS plastic, acrylic, laminate, aluminum, stainless and similar materials.
-Again, we carry out engraving labels, writing, pictures and laser application works on our computer-controlled laser machines.
-We write your embossed labels and inscriptions used on electrical power cables, poles, pipes, valves, etc. on stainless material.
-We produce solvent-resistant, multi-color printed labels on aluminum sheets. (Sublimation)
-We offer various color, size and material options economically and quickly.

You can place your orders by e-mail ( , ) or
You can quickly forward it to us via fax: (0216-565 01 80) and receive it on time.

We sell double color scraping plates to our customers who have machines.
-Material. Our own imports are GERMAN.
-Euro ABS plastic plates are 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.5mm thick, with standard dimensions of 122x61cm.
Full plates can also be divided into sections upon customer request.
-Available in wide color options.
-Plates are mechanical engraving or laser engraving types and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
-Plates are available without adhesive or with 3M adhesive.

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