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A. What does the device do?
They are used to mark cables and electrical devices by writing on the materials whose properties are listed below. Their naked weight is only 2 kg.
B. How many printer device models are there and what are the main differences?
The latest models M-1Std3, M-1Pro5 are currently in stock. The output quality of both models is exactly the same. (300dpi)
The main difference of M-1Pro models is that they can be connected to a PC via an interface. Other positive differences in the M-1Pro models are; larger memory capacity, faster typing, extra material recognition sensors, more special icon options, advanced keypad, larger and more functional LCD screen.
C. What kind of materials does he write on?
1) PVC tubing (Inner diameter 2.5mm/6.5mm)
2) Heat shrink tubing (Inner diameter 2.0mm/7.7mm)
3) 4x0.5mm plastic strips for marking transparent cable sheaths
4)Can write on self-adhesive PVC strip labels.(Width 6/9/12mm)
5) Self-adhesive 0.5mm PVC strip can write on label plates.(Max 8/9/10/11/12mm)
D. What is the writing method and quality?
The device makes rapid and high-quality marking by transferring the carbon-based pigment to the surface to be written with heat, using a digital head. This marking is resistant to normal weather conditions and abrasions. It can also be used in extreme environmental conditions. Since the device works digitally, the human factor is not a factor in the continuity of quality, unlike other hot printing methods. This ensures that all branded text is of the same quality. Thanks to its memory, it provides extra benefit by storing your work and making it available for use when needed.

What is included with the device?
One each;
-Notebook type cloth carrying bag
-User guide
-Black carbon strip (DEMO) cassette
-Supply adapter
-Makaron writing adapter
-M-1pros also come with a printer program CD and a special connection cable (USB.2).

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