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According to DIN VDE 0113 and EN 60204 norms, all supply lines must be equipped with a manually operated main switch, and machines must be equipped with emergency stop switches. These switches are different from package (package) switch types and should not be equated. Their structures are unique and special for use in the places we have specified.

These products are used as main switch with black colored lever and as emergency stop switch with yellow/red colored lever and their selection is made according to AC-23 class.

They only have open-close positions. They clearly indicate this with the numbers 0 (OFF) and 1 (ON).
The contacts are opened by force, the lever does not show the 0 position until the contacts are opened.

Type D series are specially produced to meet this need. (Made in Germany)

Technicial Specifications :

  • They can be mounted on the panel cover, inside the panel, with bottom fixing, locking, and door connection. D1/D2/D3 types have the possibility of extra rail mounting.

  • Door-connected models have a special adjustment mechanism that compensates for the panel installer's axis error (the axis misalignment between the switch and the arm is between 0-8mm).

  • Rated insulation voltage Ui=690V.

  • It is possible to add auxiliary and neutral contacts to the main body (max. two auxiliary contacts or one neutral contact on the right and left sides).

  • It has the ability to attach up to 3 padlocks and extension shafts.

  • Rated operating current is produced in 10 different types between 25A and 630A.

  • For lighting panels, distribution panel types are available.

  • Protection class IP65 from the front.

  • There are also box-mounted switches with IP54 – IP55 – IP65 protection class. These boxes are made of halogen-free plastic and aluminum.

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